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Welcome to my website! I am a Chinese who loves blockchain and cryptocurrency. I created this website to share my views and insights with more friends who are interested in this field.

Here, you can find some latest news and analysis about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. I will update my articles regularly, and share my opinions and predictions on the digital asset market.

This website is built with Hugo, an excellent open-source static website generator. Hugo is a simple and efficient tool, very suitable for building personal blogs or information websites. My website source code is hosted on GitHub, and deployed with Cloudflare for CDN acceleration and HTTPS security certificate.

If you are also passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency, welcome to visit my website and get the latest article updates. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are also very welcome to contact me via my email [email protected]!

I hope my website can provide you with valuable information sources for obtaining digital assets, and let us explore the mysteries of blockchain technology innovation together!